Introduction to Survey

Ireland's Preferred Perennials 

Ireland has a wealth of collective horticultural knowledge, but this knowledge is often lost or even ignored with successive generations repeating the planting mistakes of the past.

The most frequently referred to texts for plant use in Ireland typically arise from England. A country with a significantly different climate than our own.  

Some attempts have been made to tackle the indigenous plant knowledge-gap and the internet has allowed professionals to communicate, but the industry still does not have a reliable reference list to work from. This survey is an attempt to collect and share some of our collective knowledge on what plants really work in the Irish landscape. With your input we will begin a process which stands to benefit us all and in time lead to more appropriate and resilient landscape plantings.  

We are seeking your input on perennial landscape plants, which you have personally used and found to be appropriate, robust and resilient for use in the Irish landscape. For the purposes of the survey, perennial plants includes all variants of perennial, for instance, evergreen deciduous, herbaceous.

We acknowledge that this is a complex and often subjective domain and that there may be overlap and repetition in answers. We have included 41 questions in order to capture as much data as possible. There is no expectation that suggestions would be made for each - although I am sure many could and will. Please don't be put off by Latin spelling. Even the most ardent of plants people find it challenging. However, do try to include the full name including cultivar.

Please feel free to add comments where appropriate. Data collected in the survey will be made available in the Autumn issue of Horticulture Connected and subsequently via

Sincere thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Barry Lupton 

Editor @ Horticulture Connected