The title of Fellow is intended to formally recognize Canadian and Bermudian CPAs who have rendered exceptional services to the profession, or whose achievements in their careers or within their community, have earned them distinction and brought honour to the CPA profession.

The Board of Directors of CPA New Brunswick formally recognizes these members by awarding them title Fellow of CPA New Brunswick (FCPA).

The purpose of this guide is to assist persons wishing to nominate a member of CPA New Brunswick for the title of Fellow (FCPA).

Given the confidential nature of the information involved, as you begin the process of preparing a nomination file for the title of FCPA, please consider the following eligibility requirements:
  • Individuals which clearly identify themselves as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) and are known and recognized as CPAs;
  • A CPA who is in good standing, and who has rendered meritorious service to the profession and whose career and/or community achievements have brought honour to the profession; or
  • Members who reside outside the province of New Brunswick may be considered for an FCPA if they meet the following criteria:
    • contributions relevant to the New Brunswick CPA profession or community, and/or
    • exceptional service to the Canadian or international CPA profession
    • The candidates’ service and accomplishments throughout their professional accounting career will be considered. (not reserved to their career as a CPA).
    • There is no minimum requirement of years of membership to be eligible for nomination.
    • FCPA designations are not granted posthumously.


    The following persons are not eligible to become FCPAs:
    • members who have been the subject of a disciplinary decision resulting in their names being struck from the roll of a professional body or a similar organization;
    • members whose right to engage in professional activities has been suspended by CPA New Brunswick under its rules of professional conduct (or that of another provincial body);
    • members who are currently subject to a limitation or suspension of their right to engage in professional activities;
    • members who are the subject of a jurisdictional inquiry or who are being prosecuted before the civil or criminal courts.
    Notwithstanding the exceptions set out above, the Member Recognition Committee may accept a nomination after taking the relative weight of the offence into account. To do so, the Committee must consider in particular:
      • the seriousness of the offence and the penalties imposed;
      • the length of time between the date the penalties were imposed and the submission of the nomination;
      • the media coverage of the case.

    A person nominating a candidate is either:
    1. a member of CPA New Brunswick (FCPA or CPA); or
    2. a member of the public (non-member) 
    Note: Self-nomination is prohibited.


    The CPA New Brunswick member
    is required to provide a supporting letter explaining why the candidate has been nominated.

    A member of the public (non-member) is required to provide a supporting letter explaining why the candidate has been nominated, with two (2) letters of support with their nomination.  Wherever possible, the additional letters of support should be CPA peers. When this is not possible, letters from credible sources are accepted. (i.e., immediate supervisor, CEO of company, colleagues, Board and/or committee colleagues, etc.)

    All letters must clearly explain the candidate's merit of an FCPA recognition.
    All letters must clearly indicate the relationship with the nominee.

    The FCPA candidate will be evaluated on their demonstration of their leadership skills and the outstanding nature of their performance in the following fields of activity:
    • professional career (positions, roles and responsibilities);
    • volunteer involvement or contribution to the advancement of the accounting profession through participation in local/rural, provincial, regional, national, or international Boards and/or Committees e.g.:
      • Involvement with CPA New Brunswick volunteer programs such as the Financial Literacy program, Tax Clinics, School presentations/visits, Conducting official CPA CPD courses, Board of Directors, CPA NB Committees, etc.
      • Involvement with CPA Canada, CPA Chapters, Auditing & Assurance Standards Board, CFE Board Examiner, etc.
    • community and/or philanthropic involvement through community service organizations, charitable organizations or other professional organizations – not including the accounting profession e.g.:
      • hospital/university and other boards;
      • churches;
      • political parties;
      • clubs, etc.