Please take the time to complete this confidential exit survey.

Case Western Reserve University wants to better understand what university employees' value most in the workplace and why they leave. We would appreciate your honest responses to all of the questions on the survey; however, you may choose to answer only those of interest to you. The information that you provide is confidential and will be used as part of Case Western Reserve University's continuing efforts to improve policies, practices, and programs as well as to develop training opportunities that will create a more favorable workplace and work experience. You are not required to identify yourself on the survey, but if you wish to speak to someone in person regarding your work experience, please contact the Employee Relations Office at (216)368-2268.

* 1. Name-Optional

* 2. Please list the department where you worked when you left.

* 3. Please list your job title at the time of transfer/termination.

* 4. Date of Hire

* 5. Date of Separation

* 6. Name of Supervisor

* 7. From the list below, indicate your most important reason for leaving your current position.

* 8. From the list below, indicate your most important reason for accepting a position at Case Western Reserve University.

* 9. Please express your feelings about each of the following aspects of your employment. If you rate any of the items below expectations , please explain in the comment section below each section.


  Below Met Exceeded Expectations
Opportunity to use your abilities and skills
Explanation of requirements of position
Training you received
Resources to do your job
Interesting /challenging work
Recognition of your contributions
Opportunity for advancement
Cooperation within your department
Cooperation with other departments
Your sense of accomplishment
Your sense of connection to the university community

* 10. Your Work Area/Office

  Below Met Exceeded Expectations
University Circle safety

* 11. Your Supervisor and Co-Workers

  Below Met Exceeded Expectations
My supervisor had an understanding of my responsibilities
Overall relationship with your supervisor
I was treated fairly by my supervisor
My supervisor was receptive to and implemented suggestions
My supervisor handled complaints and problems
My supervisor's managerial skills
My supervisor's technical skills
Overall relationship with co-workers
Co-workers technical skills

* 12. Communication Policies and Practices

  Below Met Exceeded Expectations
Promotion policies and practices (job posting)
The opportunity to talk to your supervisor
The opportunity to make suggestions
The opportunity to register complaints

* 13. Compensation and Benefits

  Below Met Exceeded Expectations
Starting Salary
Ending salary
Annual review(s) of your performance
Annual review(s) of your salary
Vacation & Holidays

* 14. If the department seeks a replacement for you, in your opinion what kind of qualifications, skills, and interests should the individual possess?

* 15. Would you consider working for Case Western Reserve University again?

* 16. Would you recommend Case Western Reserve University as an employer to others?

* 17. Do you have any suggestions for making Case Western Reserve University a better place to work?