* 1. In a previous town survey, 66% of respondents gave a "very high" or "high" priority to preserving open spaces, fields, forests and farms. Do you support the use of Town funds to support such preservation?

* 2. In the same town survey 81% of respondents stated that maintaining the existing flavor/character of the town was important to them. Do you feel that this is important and if so, which of the following would maintain the existing character in your opinion? Check all that apply:

* 3. In the same previous survey, 72% of respondents stated that they are "very concerned" about balancing the budget against the tax rate with regard to growth in Mont Vernon. Understanding that the impact of school expenses is important, please rate your concern with the following growth topics in the order of importance to you.

  First Second Third
Loss of open space
Burden on emergency services
Maintenance and upkeep such as repaving of roads

* 4. The previous survey found that a majority of residents would favor business development within Mont Vernon. Aside from tax base concerns, would you support the expansion of business development within the town? If so, which of the following uses would you support? Check all that apply:

* 5. Do you think Mont Vernon should broaden its range of housing options? If so, which of the following housing options would you consider? Please choose all that apply:

* 6. In addressing the current recreational needs of the town, would you like the town to provide the following: please choose all that apply

* 7. Respondents to the previous survey indicated overall satisfaction with the following: police and fire departments, transfer station, school, town administration, library, cemetery and road maintenance facilities/services. Since that survey was administered, the town website has been updated as well. Which of the following services would you like to also see expanded or changed? Please choose all that apply:

* 8. Which of the following PAID positions do you feel are important to add to Mont Vernon? Please choose all that apply: