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* 1. If you had to rank these issue areas in order of their importance to you, from highest to lowest, what would be your priorities? Mark "1" as your single most important, "2" for next highest ... down to "5" for your single least important. You can use each number once.

  1 - Most important 2 3 4 5 - Least important
Making our local councils more accountable and effective
Ensuring health care quality and access for HB residents
Growing the Hawke's Bay economy
Making personal ends meet in a tough economy
Protecting the environment

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* 2. Thinking about health issues in Hawke's Bay, how important are each of the following issues? For each issue, use "1" to indicate low importance; up to "5" to indicate high importance.

  1 - Not important 2 3 4 5 - Very important
Ensuring safe drinking water
Improving Maori health
Curbing excessive alcohol use
Reducing use of chemicals in food production
Providing better health care for the elderly
Improving mental health services
Reducing obesity
Promoting sound nutrition
Stopping smoking

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* 3. As you probably know, currently council-supplied drinking water is fluoridated in Hastings; not fluoridated in Napier. Which community do you live in?