Help Us Improve the Pair Website

We are planning improvements for the website of Pair Networks, a website hosting company, and we want your input. Though you may not have heard of Pair before, you've probably visited similar websites, so your insights are valuable to us.

You can help us by selecting and ranking the 5 most important tasks for you when visiting the website of a web hosting company like Pair. Read through the list, then pick and rank your top 5.

Please trust your first instincts and spend only 5 minutes on this exercise. And remember to enter your name and email address at the end to be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card! We will not resell or in any way share your contact information with anyone.

Thank you!

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* 1. Please rank the top 5 most important tasks for you regarding a hosting company's website.

  Most important Second most important Third most important Fourth most important Fifth most important
Product promotions
Check hosting server status
Official policies on hosting adult content
Join mailing list
Custom server configuration
Find what's included based on hosting type
Copyright dispute policies
Security and cracking policies
Development applications
WordPress Prohibited Activities
Sign up for services
Troubleshooting (hosting problems, email issues, diagnostics, how-to)
Pay bill
Management team
Compare hardware specs types of hosting
Transfer costs
Compare server access for types of hosting
Analytics and server information
Abuse and spam policies
Search for available domain names
Find out if there is an easy website builder available for shared hosting
Call or chat with a support representative
Follow Pair on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
Apply for a job
Learn how much server access is given for custom applications
Compare Pair products, services, and solutions to each other
Company news
Get help from a sales representative
Hosting contract
CDN services
Cancel services
Data privacy transparency statement
Check extra fees
Backup tools
Check account balance
Login to hosting account
Compare specifications for VPS hosting
Read email
Pricing for a particular product or service
Company history
Find out about SSL certificates
Full privacy statement
Disaster recovery
Start a shared hosting trial
Find what applications are supported
Dedicated Server SLA

Question Title

* 3. If you'd like to be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card, please provide your name and email address.