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The Superintendent’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council for the Scotia-Glenville Central School District is established to develop, plan, and recommend strategies that foster a more inclusive and equitable environment for all students, staff, and families within our school community. This committee will work collaboratively to identify, understand, and address challenges related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, ultimately promoting the success of all students.

Time Commitment
May 7, 4-5pm: Intro Meeting
Tuesday, July 16 & Wednesday, July 17, 8am-4pm: Capacity Building Workshops
Monthly meetings thereafter

DEI Learning Objectives for the July workshops will focus on:

I: DEI Foundational Knowledge & Skills
  • Develop a common diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) language
  • Understand where implicit bias and DEI conflict comes from and how it is connected to larger structural issues of inequality, with a particular focus on race and racism
  • Learn how to engage with others in a culture of accountability
  • Develop and practice skills navigating DEI conflict through dialogue
  • Enhance skills to create a welcoming and inclusive culture
  • Understand DEI organizational change models and practices

II: Create a working infrastructure for DEI organizational sustainability
  • Learn DEI organizational change methods
    Understand opportunities and threats to organizational DEI work
  • Apply DEI organizational change methods
  • Identify next steps to continue SGCSD’s DEI journey

Nominee Eligibility
  • Submit a completed response
  • Confirm availability for scheduled meetings/workshops
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