The welfare of police employees and their families is important to the WA Police Force, and it was identified that improvements were needed to provide better support.

Research was then conducted into the needs of the families of police officers, with over 950 responses submitted from family members, over 300 from police officers, and many others were involved face to face interviews with the researchers. The information that was captured influenced the recent restructure of the Welfare team, who now provide more one-on-one personal contact with police employees and their families.

We thank you and value your contribution if you were involved during that research process.

This initiative aims to build awareness of the support services that are available by sharing more information via a website dedicated to family members of police officers. The website will publish this information publicly on the internet so that all family members of police officers can access it whenever they need it.

We would like to continue working with family members by establishing a working group who would like to be involved in providing input into the design and content of the website. As a member of the working group, we will email links to online activities that you can do at a time that is convenient to you. These activities are quick and interactive, if you are not able to participate in an activity you will be invited to participate in future activities.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you will be able to access these activities via the WA Police Force Facebook page and you will not be contacted directly.

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