* 1. How involved are you with the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln?

* 2. What, if anything, prevents you from serving on a committee or attending an Association event?

* 3. As a REALTOR®, how would you rank the areas of involvement of the Association?

  1st Priority 2nd Priority 3rd Priority 4th Priority 5th Priority
Community service opportunities
Involvement in governmental affairs
Professionalism and consumer-centric practices
Networking - Getting to know my fellow REALTORS®
Emerging technology/apps/connectivity in the industry

* 4. What do you believe should be the mission of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln?

* 5. Do you feel the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln is providing you with value for your membership?

* 6. What could the Association do to provide you with more value?

* 7. Overall, are you satisfied with the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln?

* 8. What is the best way to communicate what is happening with the Association?

* 9. What is your biggest concern for the future of the real estate industry?

* 10. What do you feel could be improved with the Association?