How have you been getting on?

As the world’s largest Job Board Network we are, in our own right, a reflection of the industry. We see the volume of jobs being placed into the network and the volume of applications delivered. We're also passionate about job boards and their success. With that we have decided to launch our own Job Board Confidence Index.

This half yearly index will reflect how we as an industry are feeling, what we see going on in our markets and what we see as an industry ahead. We will share the results initially at our North American and European Summits. Subsequently we will also post the data through our social channels.

The survey takes 5 minutes to fill out and please be honest..

We will not share individual results with anybody else. As a contributor to this survey you will of course receive the full results.

Question Title

* 1. Are you more or less confident as a Job Board than you were a year ago?