* 1. Do you read the TaT magazine?

* 2. Have the advertisements ever inspired you to inquire about or buy the products advertised?

* 3. Do you keep the magazine for future reference?

* 4. How many people in your workshop read the magazine?

* 5. Please rate how you enjoy articles from the following technical writers of the TaT magazine?

  Extremely enjoyable Quite enjoyable Moderately enjoyable Slightly enjoyable Not at all enjoyable
Frank Massey
Jason Smith
Rod Maher
Allan Gray
Brendan Sorensen
Larry Carley
Dan Sullivan
Jack Stepanian & Sam Nazarian
Clinton Brett

* 6. Is there any other magazine that you receive regularly that you would rate higher than the TaT magazine for usefulnes to your business?

* 7. How often do you log into the TaT website?

* 8. Please select the sections of the TaT website that you have used.

* 9. If you have submitted a TaTassist help request in the last 12 months did you find it useful?

* 10. Do you have any suggestions on how we could impove TaTassist?

* 11. Would you find it beneficial to receive SMS notifictions each time your TaTassist case receives a response?

* 12. Has reading a TaT's-a-fact repair solution ever saved you time on a problem job in your workshop?

* 13. Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the TaT's-a fact database of repair solutions?

* 14. How often do you access TaT ScanData to view known good data files?

* 15. Has the known good ScanData files helped you with repairing a vehicle?

* 16. Have you uploaded any data files to ScanData?

* 17. We currently send out an email newsletter to inform members of new repair solutions added to the TaT's a fact database, new vehicle uploads to the Scan Data database, training course updates and tech tips. How frequently should we send out this newsletter?

* 18. Do you have a personal or business Facebook account?

* 19. As an optonal extra would you be willing to pay an additional membership fee for TaT to provide a technical help phone service?

* 20. Please list any topics you would like to see TaT cover in future training sessions?

* 21. TaT is exploring options on how to improve member interaction with each other. Please select any options listed below that you feel would be beneficial to you?

* 22. And finally - we would welcome any other comments or suggestions on how we could improve any aspect of the TaT network?