Required time: 15 minutes or less

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. Please note that your answers to these questions may be used as research in various forms of publications. Submitting your answers to this survey qualifies as your approval for public use by Adam Kirk Smith.

* 1. What does leadership mean to you? Also, can anyone be a leader?

* 2. What do all great leaders have in common, or what are some things that all great leaders focus on?

* 3. In your opinion, what is the most common misconception about leadership?

* 4. When did you know you were a leader? What is the biggest problem you deal with as a leader today?

* 5. What leadership question do you have that remains unanswered?

* 6. In the past, how have you led others without the actual title of 'leader'?

* 7. What is the most helpful leadership resource you have found?

* 8. Do you feel qualified to be a leader? 

* 9. Are you comfortable talking about leadership with others? 

* 10. As a leader, do you feel that you should have all the answers?