1. Information Consent

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This survey is conducted by the Innovation through Institutional Integration (I-cubed) program, which is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop an integrative and interdisciplinary program that would link all NSF funded student-based research and training programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) including Social, Behavioral, Economics (SBE) disciplines at the University of Florida.

In particular, the I-cubed program is focused on the professional development of graduate students beyond their regular coursework and research. Such opportunities include workshops and informal training activities on a wide array of topics (e.g., pedagogy, ethics, communication science, etc.), study abroad and teaching opportunities and internships.

This survey, focusing on teacher training, is designed (1) to collect information on existing professional development workshops and informal training opportunities for graduate students; (2) to collect information on existing graduate-level courses that provide training outside a particular discipline; and (3) to solicit suggestions from faculty about how to improve graduate student education and professional development.

The results of the survey will be carefully examined and used to design new and/or improve existing training in teaching activities (e.g., workshops, courses, etc.). Only aggregate data will be reported. Departmental data will be used only to facilitate follow up regarding survey completion and to provide context for survey responses.