Each year, METRO receives funding to support technology needs in hospital libraries. Grants are available to members of METRO's Hospital Library Services Program.

FUNDING LEVELS: Grants OF UP TO $2400 for projects consistent with state-of-the-art library technology. HLSP will support two-thirds of the cost of a project or $2400, whichever is less. Your institution must agree to fund the remaining one-third.

CRITERIA: All HLSP libraries are eligible. This is a competitive grant. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of 1) project rationale, 2) innovative technology, 3) institutional commitment, and 4) quality and thoroughness of applications.

INELIGIBLE PROJECTS: Personnel, electronic journal subscriptions, and electronic databases.

Complete the application below and click submit. Since you cannot save an application in process, you may wish to copy and paste your replies from a document on your computer. The deadline for the 2018 grant is February 25, 2018. If you have any questions about your application, please contact Nathalie Reid at nreid@metro.org.

* 1. Librarian's Name

* 2. Library Director

* 3. Institution

* 4. Address

* 5. Email

* 6. Phone Number

* 7. Fax Number

* 8. Project Justification

* 9. What are the anticipated results of the project? Specifically, how will this affect service to patrons?

* 10. Type of Hardware (include need and justification along with description)

* 11. Type of Software (include need and justification along with description)

* 12. Other Types of Requests (include need and justification along with description)

* 13. Additional comments describing this project:

* 14. Itemized list including prices and total. In your list, include amount requested from METRO and amount provided by the institution:

* 15. Librarian Electronic Signature (enter your name here)

* 16. By clicking the box below, you confirm that you have a) confirmation from your library director that the library will provide the balance of funds for the project and b) you have made your financial officer aware of this grant application.

You may want to print this completed application before submitting for your records. (use Control+P on a PC -or- Command + P on a Mac). Note, you will not receive a confirmation email of your application but you will see a 'Thank You' page once submitted.