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* 1. Here is a list of courses I am writing and preparing for publication. Please indicate your interest in the box next to each choice. 1 means your first choice, 2 the second and so on.

It may seem confusing at first because the list re-orders itself depending on your ranking. For example, if you rank the fourth item in the list - Leadership styles and you. How to lead anyone anywhere as a 1 it will move to the first spot in the list. Each choice will move to its corresponding spot as you rank them. You can change your ranking at any time. The simplest way to complete the list is to read through the list, select your first choice. After the list reorganizes itself, read through again and select your second choice. repeat the process until you have ranked all items.

Thanks again for your help.

Jack Dunigan

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* 2. What other leadership/management topic(s) would you like to learn about?