About the Application Process

Welcome to the Grant Matching Fund (GMF) pilot program application. If you have any questions, contact the GMF pilot program manager at grantmatching@admin.nv.gov or 775.684.0155.

The GMF pilot program application is designed to either prequalify or disqualify applicants.

If you're prequalified:

-    You'll answer the remaining questions to complete the GMF pilot program application process; and
-    You'll receive an onscreen message that includes next steps and what to expect.

If you're disqualified:

-    You'll receive an onscreen message notifying you of your disqualification and the GMF pilot program manager’s contact information; 
-    You're encouraged to contact the GMF pilot program manager to discuss the reason for disqualification; and
-    All disqualifications are final.
Plan Ahead
Please visit the GMF webpage to review the eligibility requirements prior to starting the GMF pilot program application process. It is mandatory that you watch and/or listen to the GMF pre-application video prior to applying. The list of application questions and required supporting documentation are available so that you may prepare your answers in advance and have all the required information readily available for entry or upload.
The GMF pilot program application includes up to 45 questions, most of which are yes-or-no or fill-in-the-blank questions. Up to a dozen or so questions require a brief summary of no more than 2,000 characters (or around 300 words). The application should take approximately two (2) hours to complete.

Your application will automatically save, and you can change your answers until you complete your application. If you apply to the GMF pilot program more than once, you must clear your browser’s cookies to start a new GMF pilot program application.
Scoring and Evaluation
This application is to qualify your organization for matching funds. Though the review team will not evaluate your federal or nongovernmental organization grant proposal, it will evaluate your organization’s suitability for matching funds based on your answers about your organization, the identified grant opportunity, and your proposed program. Your application will be evaluated on its own merit and not competitively against other applicants. The review team will only be able to see this application and the information supplied within. It is important to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible to ensure your organization will qualify for the matching fund grant award. The review team committee will use established review criteria that align with the eligibility requirements and a scoring evaluation form to review your application.

Before Submitting
Grant deadlines operate on a tight timeline and there may be follow-up requests from the GMF pilot program manager if your application is missing information. It is imperative the person you list as the point of contact has access to email and is responsive to communication. The GMF pilot program is not responsible for missed communication and cannot guarantee a timely response if information is missing.

Completion Requirements
For your GMF pilot program application to be considered complete, you must answer ALL questions and upload ALL supporting documents