We are asking for additional feedback from our colleagues through participation in a short 10 minute survey. The input from the survey will help identify areas of high-priority as we continue to review the AALL Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources and create a checklist based off these principles to serve as additional guidance in the library procurement process.

This task force was appointed by AALL President Darcy Kirk to address the library procurement process and is one outcome of the Vendor Colloquium Action Plan.

Please complete the short survey before it closes on March 19, 2012.

Task Force co-chairs,
Katherine Lowry (
Tracy Thompson-Przylucki (

* 1. What type of organization do you represent?

* 2. On average, how much time do you spend reviewing and negotiating license agreements in a typical year?

* 3. What percentage, if any, of your license agreements are negotiated by a consortium on your behalf?

* 4. What percent of your materials budget is spent on electronic resources, including online research platforms like Westlaw and Lexis?

* 5. Has your organization purchased, rather than licensed, electronic research databases?

* 6. Has your library adopted a standard license agreement?

If you answered "Yes" to Question # 6, and you are willing to share the standard license agreement, please email a copy to

* 7. Do you use a checklist in your license negotiations?

If you answered "Yes" to Question #7, and you are willing to share the stardard checklist, please email a copy to

* 8. How important are the following issues to you?

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important N/A
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Automatic renewals
Nondisclosure clause
Incorporation by reference of terms outside the contract
Mobile access (smart phones, iPads, etc.)
Fair use
Escape clause

* 9. If you would be willing to discuss more at length with a representative of the AALL Taskforce, please provide your name and email address.

Thank you for taking the time to help us create an instrument that will be valuable to the entire profession.
100% of survey complete.