* 1. What is your personal information?

* 2. How much Manga do you read online compared to read in print?

* 3. If you do, why do you read Manga online?

  Agree Neutral Disagree
Because print takes too long to release weekly series
I like reading my Manga every week
Manga suits online reading
The websites make it easy to read Manga
It's too expensive to buy Manga in print
It's free online
It's convenient - I use the internet a lot
There is more choice online
I can read previous issues online
The community
The forums
Scanlations do a better job of translating

* 4. If you do, why do you still buy print?

* 5. Roughly how often do you read Manga?

* 6. "I'd rather not use illegal Manga websites, but they are a necessary evil if you want to read Manga online. There is no legal way of doing it." - Do you identify with this statement?

* 7. How do you prefer your Manga translated? How much do you understand Manga?

* 8. For what reasons would you change your Manga reading website?

* 9. What would you pay for a considerably faster, better and legal way to read Manga online? (The more you pay, the better it would be)

* 10. Share your thoughts on the idea of a legal Scanlation website. Do you like it? What would it need for you to use it?