Informed Consent Form

The general nature of this study entitled “Inherent Genders in Nouns” conducted by Kelsey Sheridan has been explained to me. I understand that I will be shown a series of images of nouns and asked to identify which gender I most strongly associate with each noun. My participation in this study should take a total of about 15 minutes. I understand that anonymity will be preserved and that my name will not be associated with any results of this study. I know that I may refuse to answer any question asked and that I may discontinue participation at any time. I also understand that any grade, payment, or credit for participation will not be affected by my responses or by my exercising any of my rights. Potential risks resulting from my participation in this project have been described to me. I am aware that I may report dissatisfactions with any aspect of this experiment to the Chair of the Protection of Human Subjects Committee, Dr. Jennifer A. Stevens, 1-757-221-3862 or I am aware that I must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Checking the box below signifies my voluntary participation in this project, and that I have saved a copy of this consent form.

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