Welcome to the Women's Electoral Lobby's 2016 Federal Election Campaign Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your input is important.
The survey should take around 5 mins.


* 1. Are you aware of gender inequality impacting on your day to day living in the following situations?

  A lot To some extent Very little Not at all
Family life
Work place
Financial security

* 2. If you have experienced gender inequality, can you indicate in what ways?

* 3. Please rank the following issues from 1 (most important) to 9 (least important) to help WEL identify the top issues to take to the political candidates:

* 4. Why do you believe the issue you ranked #1 should be the Australian Government’s top priority?

* 5. During federal election campaigns we are often promised cuts to personal and corporate tax. One implication of this is reducing funds available to the Government for public services.

Would you support WEL asking all political parties to maintain funding for public services rather than offering tax cuts? (yes/no)

* 6. What should WEL ask political parties to commit to as a priority in the lead up to 2016 federal election?

* 7. What could WEL do to help you to be a well informed voter at the 2016 Federal Election?

* 8. Would you be willing to:

  Yes, certainly! Maybe. I'd like some more information. No thanks, not this time
Lobby candidates in your federal electorate (WEL would offer some online training and resources)
Join our Federal Election Campaign Action Group (requires monthly meetings in Newtown)
Support our campaign by making a financial donation at WEL.org.au

* 9. Gender