We need your feedback on the City's housing priorities!

The City of Riverside’s Draft Housing Element Update includes a series of policies to promote the maintenance of existing housing and increase capacity for additional housing options to ensure that current and future housing needs of people living and working in the City are met. These policies are directed at realizing the proposed Guiding Principle for the Housing Element, which encapsulates the City's approach and future vision:
"Provide a diverse, abundant, adaptable, and equitably distributed mix of rental and ownership housing that is safe, healthy, and affordable for people of all income levels and backgrounds and meets the need of current and future Riverside residents." 
The Draft Policies are supported by a series of Programs, both existing and planned, that outline the activities and partnerships that support each Draft Policy. Finally, a separate Action Plan sets forth the concrete, measurable steps the City will take to make the Draft Policies and Programs a reality.

We are seeking your input on the Draft Policies and Actions that have been developed to-date for the Draft Housing Element. This survey will ask you to rate each of the Draft Policies and provide any comments. Toward the end, the survey will ask the same regarding the Draft Actions. A few optional questions at the end of the survey will ask for more details about who's participating.

The City of Riverside thanks you for your participation and input in this important project!