Every five years, Oregon develops and implements a new State Health Improvement Plan, or SHIP. The current SHIP will wrap up next year and we need your help to build the next SHIP. The SHIP identifies key health concerns – along with strategies that will lead to improvements.  Fourteen issues have been identified by a community based steering committee (called the PartnerSHIP) because they impact a lot of people, are often cause of death or disability, are upstream determinants of health outcomes and are more likely to affect people of color, people with disabilities, people with low income and people who identify as LGBTQ. 

Adverse childhood experiences, adverse life experiences, trauma & toxic stress 
Safe, affordable housing
Systemic bias across public and private entities
Living wage
Food insecurity
Climate change
Substance use
Access to mental health care
Access to care

It’s not feasible to address all 14 issues in the SHIP – so we need your help to understand which issues are most important to your community. We’ll be collecting feedback until January 31st and sharing this information with the PartnerSHIP who will make decisions about the final priorities in February, 2019.  

Your answers are anonymous as no identifying information will be asked.  Information shared publicly will be presented in aggregate.

If you would like this survey in another language or format, please email