The options for information sharing and communication are continually changing. TCCY wants to use the best methods possible to keep you informed.

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1. Do you use social networking sites and online information sharing sites? If so, which ones?

2. If you use social networking sites, how do you use them? Chose all that apply.

3. Which social media or information sharing site(s) do you think would be more useful as a way to receive information from TCCY and network with other child advocates?

4. How do you read professional or news blogs?

5. If you have not used the social networking sites or used them only rarely, why?

6. TCCY's newsletter, The Advocate, is available online. Each issue is focused on providing an overview of a children's policy issue. Information about the availability of newsletters, legislative updates and other information is distributed using TCCY's ListServ. Do you read The Advocate and TCCY's ListServ?

  Usually Rarely Sometimes (Please explain)
The Advocate
TCCY ListServ

7. What information would you like to get from TCCY through a newsletter?

8. What issues do you think should be covered in a TCCY newsletter, issue brief or other short publication?

9. If you have other suggestions to improve TCCY's communication with advocates and council members, email or make a short comment here.