1. House Rabbit Society National Shelter Survey for 2007 Statistics

If you can find a few minutes to answer the following questions, the House Rabbit Society
will be very grateful!

Why we are conducting this survey

1. To compile statistics on rabbit surrenders and adoptions to better tailor our programs
to meet the needs of the shelters, animals, and communities with which we work.

2. To help evaluate our our rescue work in helping shelters with their rabbits,
and to more understand the breadth of the rabbit overpopulation problem.

The answers you give in this survey are about the
rabbits who were in your shelter's care during 2007.

* 1. Approximately how many rabbits did your shelter take in during 2007?

* 2. Approximately how many rabbits did your shelter adopt out in 2007?

* 3. In 2007, did your shelter either spay or neuter rabbits prior to adoption,
or provide a spay or neuter certificate?

* 4. Do you require that rabbits be adopted as INDOOR companions?

* 5. Which of the following best describes your geographical area?

* 6. Please tell us the name of your shelter. This information will remain confidential.
We will use it to ensure that we do not record multiple survey responses from a single

* 7. Did your shelter fill out our rabbit statistical survey in 2006?

We are still collecting statistical numbers for 2006. If your shelter did not fill out a survey for 2006,
please consider doing so. You can find the survey on the front page of Rabbit.org under " "