2015 Student Winner and Scholarship Registration Form

All student award winners and scholarship recipients receive one complimentary registration for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference (GLBC) main luncheon, career fair, and career sessions on Wednesday, March 11 at The Lansing Center.

Advisors, guests and parents must register online at bit.ly/GLBConference.

Pre-registration is STRONGLY suggested for guests, as the lunch WILL sell out and on-site registrations are NOT guaranteed a lunch.

* 1. I am a

* 2. YES! I will attend the GLBC main luncheon on Wednesday, March 11 in Lansing.

* 3. I understand that any guests, parents, advisors or other non-winning students MUST register in advance at bit.ly/GLBConference and pay $35 to be guaranteed a seat and lunch. If they do not register in advance, hey may not be able to see you get your award.

* 4. In addition to the lunch, students are encouraged to attend the GLBC Career Fair and Careers Sessions. Please indicate below which of these events you plan on attending:

* 5. GLBC Upgrade: For only $5, you can register for the full conference as a student. With a full student registration you can attend ALL of the GLBC sessions, giving you the opportunity to network and mingle with working broadcasters. You will be expected to pay the $5 (cash/check only) when you check in at the conference.

* 6. Student Information

* 7. Advisor Information