* 3. NE Revolution Academy Coaching - Please indicate the following

  Yes No
Revolution coaches are approachable
Revolution coaches are good teachers
Player Development Guides are useful
Group Nights are valuable
Group Nights have improved

* 4. How could your experience with the NE Revolution Academy be improved?

* 5. How do we rank on the following - Please rate the effectiveness of the following (5 being the highest)

  1 2 3 4 5
Announcement of Field Updates
Ability to Find info on Website
Quality of Referees
Accessibility of your Coordinator
Accessibility of Board Members

* 6. What, if any, additional gear would you like to see provided in the SYSA equipment bags?

* 7. Are you interested in taking a MYSA coaching class this Spring?

  Yes No
G (entry level class)

* 8. How else could Sudbury Soccer help you perform your job as a coach?

* 9. OPTIONAL: Name and email address