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Thank you for participating in this age-friendly survey for Fraser Lake. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help to inform the development of our community Age-Friendly Plan.

An age-friendly community is a community that supports and enables older people to "age actively" - that is, to live in security, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society. An age-friendly community not only improves the quality of life for seniors, it also creates a more inclusive, safe and accessible community for everyone, including people with disabilities and families with young children.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You can go backward in the survey and change your responses anytime before submitting it. 

If you encounter any problems with the survey, please contact Shannon Gordon at the Whistler Centre for Sustainability: sgordon@whistlercentre.ca.

If you have questions or concerns about the age-friendly project, please contact: 

Dave Christie, Economic Development
Office: (250) 699-6257

LeEtta LaFontaine, Recreation Director
Office: (250) 699-6257