Did you know, as an energy consumer in Ontario you have a number of rights, along with some responsibilities as set out in the OEB’s new draft Consumer Charter. The Charter has been drafted with input from the OEB’s Consumer Panel, industry and stakeholders.

We would now like to hear your views. Do you find the OEB’s Consumer Charter helpful? Is information missing? If so, what? Would you like to see more information about a particular right or responsibility? If so, what?

Please take a few minutes to read the Charter and fill out the survey which should take about 10 minutes to complete.
Thank you for your time.  Your feedback will help ensure we at the OEB are doing everything we can to protect your interests.

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* 1. Did you read the Consumer Charter?

Your Electricity and Natural Gas Companies

1a.  Before asking about the Charter, we want to know how well you understand the roles of electricity and natural gas companies. Here are some descriptions which we’d like you to read and then answer the questions below.

Electricity & Natural Gas Utilities (also known as distributors):  Utilities are responsible for delivering electricity and natural gas (energy) to your home at a rate approved by the OEB.  Your utilities are determined by where your property is located.  Their services include planning, construction, operation and maintenance of their respective distribution networks.   They are also responsible for supplying your energy unless you choose to buy your energy from an electricity retailer and a gas marketer under contract.   For most consumers, the electricity and natural gas prices charged by utilities are set by the OEB. 

Unit Sub-Meter Providers: If you live in a condo or an apartment that has its own individual meter and your electricity bill comes from a company other than the local electricity utility, you are a customer of a unit sub-meter provider.   Unit sub-meter providers’ responsibilities are similar to those of electricity utilities.

Electricity Retailers & Gas Marketers (also known as energy retailers): In Ontario, you have the option of buying your electricity and natural gas from your utilities or from electricity retailers and gas marketers, if you sign a retail contract. The prices charged by electricity retailers and gas markets are not set by the OEB.  You will pay the price you and the company agreed to in the contract.  The retail energy contract is only for the electricity and natural gas that you use. You will still pay your utilities to have electricity and natural gas delivered to your home.

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* 2. Were you aware of the roles played by your electricity and natural gas companies described above?

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* 3. Is the description of this role easy to understand?