* 1. Would you consider yourself a New Christian or Seasoned?

* 2. Rank the areas of your christian walk that are most difficult for you?

* 3. Being honest with yourself and God; based on your answer to Question #2, do you ever feel convicted when you commit any of them?

* 4. Do you believe that any of the items listed will prevent you from getting into heaven?

* 5. Which of the items listed in Question #2 will you continue to do regardless of the consequences?

* 6. Do you believe that God would look the other way if you participated in any of the items listed?

* 7. If you have repeatedly participated in the items listed in Question #2, are you fearful that you will become a reprobate and God will simply let you do what you want?

* 8. Do you believe that the women noted in the article are justified in their sexual behavior?

* 9. Do you believe that God will continue to forgive those who deliberately engage in behavior that does not glorify Him?

* 10. Tell us what your belief is regarding the idea of christian woman or men having sex or participating in other sinful or ungodly behavior without any repentance.

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