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Westlake Ampitheater Design Survey

With insurance and $10,000 set aside in the budget for the deductible, the Board could replace the Westlake Amphitheater like for like with little fanfare. Because I'On homeowners do not have a covered gathering or band space available as needed, the Trust has money in its budget to rent tents and cover cancelation fees. With the addition of these funds the loss of the old structure presents an opportunity to rebuild with something better.

This neighborhood is full of successful, creative homeowners who appreciate beautiful design and regularly use the Westlake Amphitheater. It makes sense to start the planning for the future of this space with your feedback.
Just like starting any construction or landscape project, this project is starting with a list of must haves and would be nice to haves - such as we must accommodate the pump currently stored in one of the towers while it might be nice to have a terraced landscape. The question below was designed to help us understand your must have priorities.  

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* 2. Here are expectations which are known or have been shared with the Board and Trust for the Westlake Amphitheater/ north side of Westlake.  Check you top four priorities?  Feel free to add others that you believe should be on the list in the next question.

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* 3. Choose your favorite style(s) - feel free to check more than one. 

The following images are to understand preferences and inspire ideas of what could be possible.  When considering them, we encourage you to focus on the overall style.  In the next question you can highlight details, scale, roof lines, materials that you like or don't like. The final design and plans will be customized for the site and the neighborhood's needs/priorities/preferences. Most of these designs would be challenging to do with the existing columns, suggestions about how to incorporate the columns into these designs is welcome. 

It would be great if these images inspire you to share images of similar structures you love or even better to start sketching.  Send alternative images that you find or sketch to Emily Simpson at If you design a structure which is built, you will be offered compensation. 

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* 4. What do you like about each image?

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* 5. What do you dislike or are concerned about each image?

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* 6. How do you see landscape considerations as a part of this project?

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* 7. Anything else you would like to add?

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* 8. In July, a committee will be formed with Board members, Trust members, Westlake residents, and others who want to join.

If you want to serve on this committee or just speak with them, please provide your information below. 

This committee will review all of the feedback to see what design and parameters rise to the top. Then they will work with the Board to receive bids for final design and construction. The Board will not vote to start construction until there has been chance to for the neighborhood to review the committee's recommendations in October or November.

The odds are really high that a great idea or sketch can emerge from this process; the odds are really low that everyone will get exactly what they want. The best way to improve the odds is to share your ideas.

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