About CAOT occupational Therapy Networks

CAOT networks are created when a core group of occupational therapists with similar interests are identified and there is a need to create a forum. The primary goal of the networks is to build capacity related to the specific area. The networks may also (1) provide vision, resources and action for the work of CAOT; (2) provide opportunities for networking and mentoring, (3) and lobby for occupational therapy services. Each network will be comprised of CAOT Members and Associates working as volunteers who meet on a regular basis and collaborate with the CAOT National Office staff to develop supports and resources to build capacity, as well as to extend lobby efforts to promote occupational therapy. All network goals and activities must be congruent with the CAOT mission, vision, values and strategic priorities.

What is CAOT’s role?

As a general statement, CAOT’s role is to provide the network with the tools they need to function independently as a group and to act as a resource for the network activities according to staff capacity.

What is the network chair’s (or co-chairs’) role?

As CAOT’s role is to provide the network with the tools they need to function independently, the main contact for the network members is the network chair (or two co-chairs). The main roles and responsibilities of the network chairs are to coordinate the work on the particular activities, to prepare and disseminate the meeting agenda prior to the meetings, to ensure minutes are recorded (a notetaker can be assigned) and to respond to inquiries from potential new members. The chairs also provide a semi-annual report (about 1 page in length) regarding the recommendations and activities of the network over the past 6 months and including an updated contact list for current members.

What are the network members’ roles?

It is the network members’ responsibility to elect one chair (or two co-chairs). The network members also participate and engage in the network activities, and are responsible to let the chair know if they no longer wish to participate.

Question Title

* 1. Please describe the need to create a CAOT occupational therapy network.

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* 2. Please indicate the proposed title for the CAOT occupational therapy network that you would like to create.

Please provide 3 examples of activities you would like this network to undertake.

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* 3. Would you be interested in being the network chair?
See above for description of the roles and responsibilities of the network chair.

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Contact Information
CAOT Occupational Therapy Networks are exclusive to CAOT Members and Associates. Not a Member? Join today!

Thank you for your participation. We will contact you if there is sufficient interest on the topic to start a new CAOT Occupational Therapy Network. You are welcome to share this link with other CAOT Members and Associates who may be interested. If you have any questions that arise in the meantime, please contact practice@caot.ca