SWE Board of Directors (BOD) Vacancy - Region J Candidate Ranking

The SWE election has resulted in one of the current board members being elected to another position, so as of July 1 there will be a vacancy. The SWE bylaws provide that the Senate fills vacancies, as they represent members from the membership.

There are seven nominations for this position. Please read the candidate profiles in the attachments. This is your opportunity to voice your opinion on the choice for the BOD vacancy. This will help your Senators make their votes with data from the wider Region J membership. Thank you very much for your time and input!!!

* 1. Based on your review of the candidate profiles and/or your knowledge of the candidate, please rank the following candidates from 1st to 7th (entre only whole numbers, 1,2,3, etc., one number per line next to that candidate, below). You must rank at least one candidate.

* 2. Please include any comments here: