* 1. Do you use a smart phone or tablet?

* 2. Which operating system does it use?

* 3. How often do you download apps?

* 4. Which types of apps are most useful to you?

* 5. Do you know what Multiple Sclerosis is?

* 6. The following questions are optional and aimed at people who either have or know someone with MS. You don't have to answer and can scroll to the bottom to submit.
Do you have or know anyone who has multiple sclerosis?

* 7. Do you think an organisational app aimed at MS sufferers would be useful for you/them?

* 8. Should technology as a whole be used more to aid people with MS?

* 9. Do you or they already use an app specifically aimed at people with MS?

* 10. Any other comments specifically on the subject of MS and mobile applications?