HGBA BPOY Nomination Form

The HGBA Business Person of the Year is intended to recognize an HGBA member who has demonstrated business success, community involvement and support of HGBA throughout the HGBA calendar year (June-May).  You are invited to nominate someone who you feel has exemplified our motto "where business meets community" by completing this very short survey. The winner will receive a plaque and recognition from HGBA.  

Nominations will be kept confidential.  Winner will be chosen by the HGBA Board based on evaluation of submissions. You may nominate yourself.  

Thank you for completing this survey.  

The HGBA Board

* 1. Who would you like to nominate? Please provide as much contact information as possible. 

* 2. Please tell us about the business success you feel this person has achieved in 2017/2018.

* 3. Please detail any community service or benefits this person has provided our community in 2017/2018.  

* 4. Is there anything else you feel we should consider about this member in our evaluation?

* 5. (Optional) Please provide your name and email address.  Information will be kept confidential if provided