This survey is brief, informal, and as uninvasive as the topic permits.  The information we collect here will be used to help develop a course for therapists who want to better understand cultural similarities and differences when engaging with kinky clients.  We don't ask for any identifying information, and we plan to anonymize any you provide; we don't need it.  We do ask that only official adults go on to take the survey: Discussing sexuality with minors is currently a delicate thing, and the specific concerns of kinky adolescents would be best captured in a questionnaire that focuses on them specifically.  We don't expect any direct rewards will come to anyone for taking this survey, though you may find it useful to think through your cultural background.  Likewise, we don't expect completing these questions to carry any risks, but please feel free to back out and forget the whole thing if it brings up unexpected distress.  Given the subject matter, you may want to continue in a private setting.
Thank you for contributing!

Jeana Jorgensen and Keegan Mills.