At Lightning Speed In Four Survey Questions

This survey is comprised of four simple questions. You will read each question in seconds. But you will need a little time to read some brief supporting instructions and ponder your responses for your firm. You can answer the four questions from the perspective of your department, business unit or the entire business if a small or mid-sized business. Whatever part of the business or its entirety you know the most about will do here.

Thus we estimate the survey will take about twenty minutes to complete. You can save your work and come back to the survey. But please log back in using the same computer. We won't track you do not worry. This is so that Survey Monkey can match your responses to successive questions if you leave and come back to the survey. 
We think you will be amazed at the richness of strategic insights into your firm from these four questions, giving you a quick strategic health check of your organization or unit. These will be spelled out in our anonymous report listing averages and then our relaying to you Implications and our observations of Best Practices based on using the more detailed form of this survey over the last twenty-two years.
If you have any questions please email Bill at or call him at 214-284-6006. Thanks very much for participating in this survey and research.