* 1. Do you feel your pet benefited from Physical Therapy?

* 2. How committed were you to the Home Treatment Exercise plan prescribed for your dog?

* 3. Compared to your other rehabilitation options, is our service:

* 4. How responsive is our team to you and your pet during treatment?

* 5. How well do the front office staff manage your time and appointments at Horse 'n Hound PT?

* 6. Do you feel you were educated and well informed regarding your pet's condition and treatment options and rehab plan?

* 7. Overall, are you satisfied with the services offered at Horse 'n Hound PT?

* 8. Was you dog happy to visit Horse 'n Hound PT?

* 9. How likely are you to return or recommend our services to your friends and contacts?

* 10. What changes would most improve our service offerings?

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