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* 1. Do you fish the Squamish River System for Steelhead? This includes the Mamquam River, Cheakamus River, Squamish River, Ashlu River, and Elaho River.

* 2. When purchasing a licence in the province of BC are you considered:

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. What method of Angling do you use to fish for Steelhead on the Squamish System? Pick as many as apply.

* 5. How many hours do you spend on the Squamish River System per season - Jan - May actually targeting steelhead?

* 6. How many steelhead do you land on average per season on the Squamish River System?

* 7. How would you rate the Steelhead Fishery on the Squamish System? Pick one.

* 8. Would you donate into a fund that specifically was designed to enhance the Squamish River Steelhead Population via habitat restoration and enhancement?

* 9. Do you support hatchery enhancement of Squamish River Steelhead?

* 10. Add any comments you like about this survey