If you are interested in the content of the Healthy Youth Survey...

Thank you for your input on the 2020 Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) questionnaire! Your answers will help the HYS Planning Committee keep the HYS focused on relevant and emerging issues. HYS is currently longer than ideal for students to finish, so for every added question, we have to drop a question.

The Planning Committee particularly appreciates feedback about which questions to drop or rotate off for one administration.

The survey is coded as follows:
  • New questions are shown in purple.
  • Revised questions are shown in blue.
  • Changes to response options are shown in red.
Each question is followed by information, in parentheses, showing which survey(s) the question is included in, and which years the question has been used. For example, a question followed by (ABC - 18,16,14,X,X,X,X,X,X) was on forms A, B, and C in years 2014-2018. To keep the survey a manageable length, we provide only question text. You can review potential responses in the HYS Data Dictionary & Crosswalk.

Start the survey by hitting "Next" to provide us with some information about yourself. From there, you can go to the navigation page to select the questions that are of interest to you. Feel free to skip question(s) or section(s) in which you are not interested. If you begin but don’t complete the survey, you can come back later by going to the survey link using the same device and web browser.

For each question in this Revision Survey:

  • "Need to Keep As Is," means you use the question and need it on the 2020 survey.
  • “Keep if Possible” means you think the question is valuable, but don’t absolutely need it.
  • “OK to Drop/Rotate” means you don’t plan to use the question or you think it would be ok to wait to ask it in 2020.
  • Provide comments about the question in the “Please Explain” box.
To propose a new question (or a major change to an existing question), please fill out the 2020 HYS Question Proposal form that was attached to the email in which this survey link was sent.
2% of survey complete.