A closer look at Dune Capping and Sand Cupping in Broadacre Farming
Peats Soils Farm, Brinkley
Mon 19th April 10am – 2pm

This event is specifically for AORA Members and Commercial Farmers.   

If you are an AORA Member you must book and pay through the online booking system - www.aora.org.au (DO NOT PUT YOUR DETAILS IN HERE) 
 AORA Member cost is $55 incl GST.    

If you are a Commercial Farmer-please use this form to book.  

If you are not an AORA Member or a Commercial Farmer, please contact Uma Preston at sasecretary@aora.org.au  or on 0452 537 266 about attendance.   

Directions to event will be provided after registration, but venue is near Brinkley/Langhorne Creek.

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