How Are We Doing?

Dear Faculty Member,
We would like to find out how we did this past school year. This survey will give us the information we need to help serve you and your students better.We're committed to monitoring the quality of the library services we provide. We would appreciate your feedback, time and support.(All submissions are anonymous.)

* 1. Have you taught a research project this year that has used the print, subscription databases and/or online resources available through your library?

* 2. Please note your degree of disagreement or agreement with the following statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Adequate Disagree
The library is important to my program.
The library has materials to support my curriculum.
The climate of the library is appropriate for learning.
The library is critical to learning in our school.
I feel comfortable using the electronic resources and subscription databases provided by the library.
I use the subscription services provided by the library in planning instruction.
The teacher librarian helps me find material I need for instruction.
The teacher librarian helps me design instructional units.
The teacher librarian assists my students in developing information literacy skills.
The teacher librarian offers relevant, useful professional development (in-services.)
The teacher librarian responds to my suggestions for purchase.

* 3. How do your students use the library? (Choose all that apply.)

* 4. Please complete the following.

* 5. Subject Area/Grade