The NKU Computer Science department would like to host a computer programming contest for area high schools in the coming school year. To best accommodate your needs, we'd first like to gather some information from you. We will keep you informed as we continue the planning process.

* 1. What is your name and email address? If there is a better way to contact you than email (e.g., phone or mail), feel free to specify that here as well.

* 2. What high school(s) will you be teaching at this coming school year?

* 3. Will your high school be offering a course (or courses) on computer programming this coming school year? If so, how many total students will be attending these classes. (A "guesstimate" for this would be fine. If no programming course will be offered, you may skip questions 4 - 6.)

* 4. Which programming language(s) will your students be using in class this year?

* 5. Which textbook(s) will you be using to teach CS and/or computer programming?

* 6. What do you consider to be the most advanced and/or difficult programming topic that you will cover in your classes? (E.g., "Looping control structures: 'for' loops", "Arrays", "Recursion", etc.)

* 7. How many students from your school might be interested in attending a high school programming contest this coming school year? (A "guesstimate" for this would be fine.)

* 8. What time(s) of year would be best for NKU to host a high school programming contest. (E.g., "Early May", "Late October", etc.) If there is a time of year that would be unacceptable, you may indicate that here as well.