The SEBAC 2011 agreement called for the Malloy administration and state employee unions to implement strategies to:

1) Harness the creativity and experience of front-line bargaining unit state employees to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government;
2) Streamline and flatten organizational structures to concentrate on service delivery;
3) Examine and redress barriers to the most efficient use of in-house resources to address agency and cross-agency needs;
4) Discourage the use of outside contractors and consultants when internal capacity exists or can reasonably be developed; and
5) Make best efforts to ensure vendors and service providers doing business with the state do so at reasonable rates of return and under terms that reflect the shared sacrifice being asked from all sectors of Connecticut society.

Would you please take the time to provide us with your input by answering the following 10 questions. Please be as specific as possible in order to help us identify cost-saving opportunities.

* 1. Your name is required so that we can verify you are a Council 4 member. All responses will be kept strictly confidential.

* 2. Your contact information is not required, but it will help us get in touch with you if we have any questions about your answers.

* 3. Please let us know where you work.

* 4. Are there barriers in your agency that prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities in a timely way? For example, are there too many steps in an approval process, unnecessary paperwork, or too many signoffs? Do you lack the tools to do your job in the way you would like?

* 5. Are there ways to reduce the levels of management to make work more efficient? (Be specific)

* 6. Can you identify specific instances where your agency pays too much for goods and services?

* 7. Does your agency use consultants or contractors, temporary agencies or appointments, or other high-priced staffing practices? Please be specific as possible.

* 8. Do outside consultants and contractors transfer their knowledge to the existing workforce, so that the State is not indefinitely dependent on outside consultants and contractors?

* 9. How many layers of management exist between you and your agency Commissioner or agency head?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, ideas or suggestions for improving the delivery of public services?