* 1. Please check if you are applying for A Full Time or Part Time position.

* 2. What Position Are You Applying For

* 3. Your Information

* 4. Are you a Certified Lifeguard?

* 5. If you were hired, would you be interested in obtaining a Lifeguard Certification at Pinebrook's expense?

* 6. Rate Yourself In The Following Areas Of Ministry Mindset

  Poorly Not Very Well Average Quite Well Excellently
How do you react to unflattering criticism?
How well do you handle extreme multitasking?
How do you handle 3 consecutive days of 16 hours per day plus two more 8 hour days on a set salary with no overtime?
How well would a time consuming strict and rigid organizational standard fit into your daily routine?
How well does having to regularly use a computer to effectively perform your job requirements and make work assignments and/or scheduling?
How successful would you be in teaching a grandparent how use technology you excel at?
How well can you initiate a conversation about your relationship with Christ to a complete stranger?
How do you rate your ability to achieve quality results in what you do?
How do you rate your ability to achieve quantity of production in what you do?
How well do you accept serving in other capacities, no matter how mundane, when you're in the middle of an important project?

* 7. Work History & Experience

* 8. Rate Your Knowledge And Proficiency In Each Of The Following:

  None Some Enough To Be Dangerous Quite Proficient I'm a Pro!
Public Speaking
Customer Service
Web Design
General Computer Use
Computer Networking
Entertaining Guests
Event Planning
Creating and Maintaining an Organizational Structure
Finance & Economics
General Maintenance
Driving a Bus or Passenger Van
General Construction
Marketing & Promotional
Videography & Production
Arts & Crafts
Swimming Pools Maintenance
Food Service / Food Preparation
Custodial / Housekeeping
I.T. (Information Technology) wiring, diagnosis, troubleshooting
Other1 - Enter your line of expertise below
Other2 - Enter your line of expertise below
Other3 - Enter your line of expertise below

* 9. List your last three Employers, starting with the most recent.

* 10. Former Employer

* 11. Former Employer

* 12. Former Employer

* 13. Criminal Record

* 14. List three References, who are not family members.
Reference #1

* 15. Reference #2

* 16. Reference #3

* 17. Have You Read?

  Yes No
Have You Read John 13:13-17?