Survey Overview & Instructions

This assessment is an 86-question comprehensive survey that lets you identify which elements of the Good Jobs Strategy your company already practices and where there are opportunities for improvement. It is intended for CEOs, senior executives, and frontline managers. Ideally, this assessment should be done individually and then discussed in a group to surface differences in perceptions and to align as a leadership team on gaps and opportunities.

It would be helpful to use this assessment with the Good Jobs Scorecard, which helps you (a) assess the value your company currently creates for employees, customers, and investors, (b) set goals and targets for yourself, and (c) benchmark your company’s progress towards providing good jobs.

There are seven sections in the survey, including an intro section and six sections corresponding to the elements of the Good Jobs Strategy shown in the figure below:

Please take your time and answer as candidly as possible. Following the introduction, each question will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 indicating that you completely agree with the statement and 1 indicating that you completely disagree with the statement. 

If you are not able to answer a question, please select “N/A.”  If the question is not clear, please select “Don’t know.”  All responses shared with the Good Jobs Institute will be kept confidential.

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