1. Journalism speech survey

Please take this survey as an assignment for Mr. Hatten's sixth hour Journalism class. Answer honestly and in full.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. As a class, how informative and though-provoking do you think our speeches were?

* 3. As a class, what do you think we did best in our speeches? Why?

* 4. As a class, what could we have done better or improved upon? Why?

* 5. What do you feel your group did best? Why?

* 6. What do you feel your group did poorly and how could it have been avoided?

* 7. As an individual, what did you feel you did best with this project? Why?

* 8. As an individual, what do you feel you needed to work on or improve during this project? Why?

* 9. Which answer best describes why you took Journalism class this year?

* 10. What is the most interesting or new thing you've learned so far in Journalism class? Explain in detail: