New Mexico State University Family Resource Center: New Mexico State University (NMSU) & Doña Ana Community College (DACC) Family Services Survey

The management and staff of the NMSU Family Resource Center thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please help us to serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to fill out this survey. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and the information gathered will be treated in a confidential manner. This information will be used solely by the Family Resource Center to improve service access and to develop new programs. We appreciate your participation and want to make sure we meet your family’s needs, desires and expectations.

* 1) Name of NMSU/DACC student(s) in household:

* 2) Do you live on campus?

* If you live on campus, please list your physical home address:

* If you DO NOT live on campus, please list your mailing address:

* 6) Do you have a family member with special needs?

* If yes, please specify what type of need:

* 7) Nationality of family:

* If non-resident, please specify nationality:

* 8) Have you utilized the services of the Family Resource Center before?

* If yes, what service(s) have you utilized?

* If not, how come?

* 9) Would your family like to utilize the services and participate in the programs offered by the Family Resource Center?

* 10) Would you like to participate in on-campus multi-cultural activities?

* 11) Do you celebrate any special social or religious holidays/ festivities/ feasts that you would like us to know about?

* If yes, please specify:

* Would you like other student families to celebrate/participate in the activities?

* Would you like to lead in organizing such an event?

* 12) Are you or a household member interested in becoming a volunteer at the Family Resource Center?

* If yes, name of household member:

* 13) What activities or programs would you like to recommend?

* 14) How can we improve our services?