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This survey is being conducted by Silver Lake United Voice (SLUV), a grassroots organization with the goal of finding a common-sense way to protect Silver Lake’s environmental health. 

Supporting the health and future of Silver Lake
We all have noticed declining lake water quality. A multi-year study analyzed water samples and revealed a relationship between water quality and the nutrient outputs from existing septic systems in our area.

A proposed sewer system attempted to solve the problem, but the measure failed for a variety of reasons.


SLUV is offering a solution – an enhanced septic system ordinance that requires pumping and inspection every five years. Without such a solution, septic systems will continue leak output into the lake, and Silver Lake will continue to deteriorate. We could lose this treasure, and the local economy and residents will suffer greatly.

Golden Township’s role in the health of the lake
Golden Township is authorized to regulate the septic systems in its boundary. SLUV is bringing a proposal to Golden Township to increase the current septic system oversight and protect the long-term health of the lake.

Before they will accept the proposal, Golden Township wants to know how residents feel about it. As a result, SLUV is conducting the survey below to gather that information.

The current ordinance covering septic systems calls for pumping, inspecting and approving effective operation of a septic in only a few situations, including:

- When a permit to add or replace an existing dwelling is applied for

- When that dwelling is on property within 500 feet of a lake, stream, body of water or wetland

- When a property that has a septic and is near water is sold

- When the owner requests a septic be pumped for maintenance or suspected failure

Unless a septic system falls into one of those categories, it could leak for years without anyone knowing, contaminating Silver Lake and damaging the water quality. 

SLUV’S proposed addendum to the ordinance would ensure that all septic systems are regularly reviewed for proper operation and provides assurance that all property owners are in compliance. These three additions would mean that Silver Lake lasts for generations to come:

1) Every septic system get pumped, inspected and approved for operation every five years, unless that system is further regulated by the state. If repair or replacement is required, the septic must be meet District Health Department guidelines.

2) All properties within 500 feet of a body of water must meet guidelines for this proposed septic Ordinance / OR all septic systems in the Township are subjected to this ordinance. 

3) Enforcement penalties would ensure compliance with the updated ordinance.

Take the survey (one respondent per property, please)

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* 1. The current ordinance does NOT require pumping, inspecting or approval of septic systems on a regular basis. That is acceptable to me.

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* 2. The new proposal requires that septic systems be pumped, inspected, approved, and documentation submitted every five years. That is acceptable to me.

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* 3. The new proposed ordinance allows the Department of Health to direct an inspection of those septic systems not in compliance. That is acceptable to me.

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* 4. Which properties in Golden Township should be covered by this new proposed ordinance? Choose the ONE option that appeals most to you.

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* 5. The new proposed ordinance has penalties for non-compliance. Is that acceptable to you?

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* 6. My Golden Township property is within 500 feet of a lake, stream, other body of water or wetland. (Please estimate)

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* 7. First and last name

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* 8. My property address in Golden Township

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* 9. Email address

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* 10. Phone

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