1. Survey Questions

* 1. How useful do you find the following items?

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful
Interactive demonstrations (in the Maple document)
Videos of the interactive demonstrations
Maple T.A. questions
Maple lecture notes (excluding the interactive demonstrations)

* 2. Inside the lecture notes themselves, how useful do you find each major section?

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful
Interactive demonstration
Explanations of concepts

* 3. How do you intend to use this content? (If you do not teach the topics currently available, please answer this question assuming that similar materials will be available for topics that you do teach.)

  Yes Maybe No
Show the videos in class
Use the interactive demonstrations in class
Encourage the students to use the interactive demonstrations outside of class
Use the lecture notes as the basis of my lecture for the given topic
Distribute the lecture notes to my students as a supplement to a textbook
Distribute the lecture notes to my students instead of a textbook
Use the Maple T.A. questions in assignments
Make the Maple T.A. questions available for student practice

* 4. Do you have access to Maple T.A.?

* 5. What additional topics would you like to see?

* 6. How can we improve this material? Please feel free to comment on the existing precalculus content, additional topics you would like to see, things we didn’t include that you would find useful, etc.