Thank you for your interest in ICI Society's Cost-Sharing Program for Aerial Imagery. 

We’ve heard from many of our members – including local governments, provincial agencies, and private sector organizations – that aerial imagery is important to their operations, but the cost of acquiring the data can be a barrier. As a result, ICI Society created this platform to provide a way for our members to collaborate in acquiring aerial imagery. 

We hope that this map can be a useful planning tool for members and facilitate collaboration across the province. 

Your responses will be added to our Orthophoto Web Map so that other Members can see your plans and contact you.

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* 1. Contact Information:

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* 2. Please include any notes about your plans for collecting orthoimagery. 

For example:
  • How often does your jurisdiction collect imagery?
  • Do you already have a contract or are you looking to work with other jurisdictions to tender bids?
  • What specs are needed?

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* 3. When is your next target acquisition year? 

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* 4. Any other comments?